George E. Todd, Sand Dunes, 1995

Déjà vu
PhotograpHs by
George E. Todd

„...spectacular are the photographs of  farmhouses and landscapes by Anselm Adams und George E. Todd.“ (Allgäuer Zeitung)

Timeless and poetry
His landscapes, street scenes and moments in spaces - mostly deserted - have the effect of a timeless and ethereal form of still life. Filled with a touching poetry, a still light unfolds within them, and they take us on a journey to distant lands.

Moments for eternity
Although these are only everyday scenes, they hold our gaze. We are seized with a longing for the peace that flows from them. Moments for eternity. The ravages of time eat away at architecture and objects. Like film scenes of yesteryear, they depict the American West and the countries of Europe. For decades, the Englishman George E. Todd has travelled the world with his wife Patricia. His focus is not on the spectacular, but rather the poetics of the everyday; a photographic poetry, as it were...

Silence and light
The gaze is not distracted by colour. Rather, the black and white photographs emphasize the quiet moments. Imperceptibly, masterpieces unfold before our eyes, in which an intuition for the right moment, the perfect lighting and a consummate sense of composition come to fruition.

This is paired with an impressive mastery of darkroom technique that creates works of art in finely nuanced shades of grey. Especially in the age of digital photography, photographs that are still based on analogue technology fascinate and provide a reminder of the origins and assertiveness of the photographic medium as an art form in itself.

George E. Todd’s work has been published by Hasselblad, Photo Technik International and other photographic magazines and appreciated in numerous solo exhibitions in America and Europe.

© The George E. Todd Archiv, Germany

Objects 90 silver gelatin black and white photographs on baryt paper, optional additional colour photographs
Presentation area 500 sqm, modifiable in size

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