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Künstler/artists (v.l./from left): Felix Flesche, Yongbo Zhao, Will McBride, George E. Todd, Dorothee Lange, Felix Flesche, Michael Witte; Photo: Flo Hagena

We can connect you –
based on partnership

„During my time as a museum director, I always wished that there was a central contact point where I could go to find potential new exhibitions. We exhibition organizers can benefit from this kind of mutual exchange. The result is a win-win situation for everyone.“

Susanne Flesche, Director of the IEP

Your exhibition on tour

Have you curated a great exhibition that went down really well with the public? But now your staff don’t have the time or resources to find other venues for it? What a pity! So many more people could see and enjoy your exhibition! We can support you in making this happen.

Our pool of exhibitions means added value for you

Send your exhibition out on tour! Put your exhibition into our exhibition pool! There, it will be advertised and can be found by potential new venues. You gain financially and another venue gains a wonderful exhibition. You benefit in every sense from further exhibition venues.

Our network

We can make your exhibition directly available to suitable museums through our extensive network of museums and curators.
We free up your time and resources by taking on the time-consuming search for a suitable new venue for your exhibition.

Raise your profile

Each additional exhibition venue raises the national profile of your venue. Your exhibition catalogues will also be on sale in all of the additional venues.


A commission fee is only payable once a new venue for your exhibition has been successfully arranged, and this will be included in the exhibition loan fee.

We are here for you!

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to work with you, and we are confident that a partnership between us would benefit both your venue and other museums!