Künstlerin/artist: Christina von Bitter, "Hermes", "Der Weltempfänger/Aerial of the World" (Detail), "Leuchten im Klee/Bright Clover"; Photo: Thomas Dashuber

The IEP –
we bring art and people together

Together with collectors, museums and artists, the IEP develops exhibitions that can be acquired on loan by exhibition venues. These travelling exhibitions are distinguished by their inspiring approaches and academic rigour. We love to develop exhibitions that have the power to both move their audiences and appeal visually.

In partnership

We see ourselves as a professional partner for museums, competent in our field and with the aim of easing the pressure on your human and financial resources by increasing your efficiency through outsourcing.
In this way, you gain time to concentrate on your own projects!


Our exhibitions have strong visibility and generate press attention. They distinguish themselves through well-known artists, unique collections and unusual topics.


Our services are flexible and adjustable to different budgets. They are also suitable for small and medium-sized museums.


The IEP works with a tried and tested network - comprising art historians, restorers, graphic designers, architects, carpenters and technicians - that focuses its strengths on the realization of ambitious and visually appealing exhibitions. This long-term collaboration is based on professionalism and trust. In addition, we have excellent contacts at leading art publishers.


The principle of the IEP is based on circulation: exhibitions are introduced into the exhibition pool and reused – this is a long-term partnership of give and take.