Artist: Felix Flesche

The benefits for you –
we create scope

We all know how it feels to be a museum director after the opening of an exhibition – happy, but also rather tired. But the next exhibition is just around the corner! And there is still so much to do ... research, acquisition, texts, hanging, press ...

We take the pressure off

Take the pressure off your resources by including a travelling exhibition – matched to the profile of your venue - in your exhibition programme.
Our exhibitions are characterized by their high quality and reputation.

You gain time

The acquisition of a travelling exhibition gains you the time to focus on the design of your own exhibitions.

For large and small museums

The service we offer is not only aimed at large, financially strong museums but also at small and medium-sized exhibition institutions who could take the pressure off their staff by taking on a travelling exhibition.

Flexible budget

You decide on the balance between the services you commission from us and the extent to which you use your own resources. This means that you can be flexible when it comes to your budget.

Your exhibition on Tour

Generate income by sending one of your own exhibitions on tour.
Have you devoted valuable time and financial resources to the development of an exhibition, only to watch them vanish into thin air once the exhibition is over? How about generating more income from that exhibition instead?

Let your exhibition go on tour. Financially, this can give you the scope to develop new projects! You can also increase your profile nationally and so achieve greater sales of your exhibition catalogues.